Mrs. J. Voss

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. " 1 Timothy 4:12


All Students in Kindergarten - 8th grade are required to have PE shoes for use in the gym! Slip on or velcro shoes are preferred for Kinder- 4th grade for easy on and off!!

PE Grading Rubric


0- students struggles to perform skill with consistency or fluency

1 - Student can perform skill with some fluency but inconsistent in rhythmic motions

2 - Student performs the skill fluently. Rhythmically, consistently with few mistakes


0- student displayed poor or unsatisfactory effort during fitness, skill development, & games situations

1 - The student displays an appropriate and satisfactory amount of effort during fitness, skill development, and game situations

2- The student consistently exhibited an exemplary and exceptional amount of effort during fitness, skill development, & games situations

Preparation for Class (dressed out/prepared to learn)

0- Students was unprepared and did not wear tennis shoes and/or PE uniform (5th-8th)

2 - Students was prepared with tennis shoes and/or PE uniform (5th-8th)

Quarter Grading

Skill (0,1,2 points) x 9 weeks

Effort (0,1,2 points) x 9 weeks

Participation in Class (0, 2 Points) x 9 weeks


Total 54 points

N - Student scored 0-18

The Student inconsistently followed the teachers directions and had 3 or more on the bench write up’s

S - Student scored 19-36

The student displayed appropriate behavior, adequately listening to the following the P.E. teachers directions

P - Student scored 37-54

The student consistently exhibited exceptional/outstanding behavior while displaying leadership in daily classes by helping demonstrate skills, answering questions, and leading others to make good behavioral choices during the grading period.